City on a Hill Press

City on a Hill Press (CHP) is UC Santa Cruz’s student-run weekly newspaper. Below is a list of links to all of the articles CHP has ever written about or related to the AIRC and Indigenous related topics on campus. Please check them out! 

'In Honor of Our Sisters' Commemorates Indigenous Women and Girls - Homero Rosas Navarrete | 4 min read

IndigeMedia: Navigating Native Representation in Film Virtual Q&A - Merri Hansen | 6 min read

Raising Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women - Alonso Hernandez | 3 min read 

‘Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World - Thomas Sawano | 3 min read

LGBTQ2 - Moriah Katz | 4 min read

Student Activists Halt Chancellor Search Committee Meeting - Karen Lowe | 9 min read

Respect the Land - Anna Maria Carmado | 4 min read 

Annual Drum Feast Celebrates Indigenous Cultures - Daniela Gonzalez | 4 min read

Reclaiming a Holiday - Laretta Johnson | 4 min read

Celebrating Native Culture and Community - Wuendy Calmo | 4 min read

A Day of Action Against DAPL - Kathryn Palmer | 5 min read

Q&A With the New AIRC Director - Diana Dolloff | 3 min read 

Klingon Creator Returns to UCSC - Syndey Moorehead | 4 min read 

A Sliver of Change for Native American Women - Ryan Knapp | 4 min read 

Drum Feast Celebration - City on a Hill Press | 3 min read

Q&A: Carolyn Dunn - City on a Hill Press | 5 min read

Forgotten But Not Gone - City on a Hill Press | 17 min read

Students Wrap Up Protest at Base of Campus - City on a Hill Press | 4 min read