Staff & Interns

Hello, and welcome!

We are pleased to introduce the members of our team at the UCSC American Indian Resource Center.

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    Angel Riotutar, Director

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    Angel Riotutar-Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation joins us as the Director of the American Indian Resource Center, located on the 3rd Floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore in the Ethnic Resource Centers. She is of mixed descent: American Indian, Filipino, Portuguese and European. A 2nd generation Santa Cruz Native, Angel spent time in West Virginia, Virginia and Louisiana. She has attended the local schools: Cabrillo College, Gavilan College earning her A.A. degree and as a first generation graduate to receive her B.A. in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. While attending UCSC, she was a student  intern for the AIRC.

    Angel brings with her an extensive background, working primarily in and with the American Indian community. She volunteered for various Native Organizations as a Board Chairperson, Board Member and organizer of traditional ceremonies. She has worked in the surrounding counties of Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo including more recently Southern California in the San Diego area. Angel began volunteering with the Santa Cruz Indian Council with her family, who were the founders of the organization for 15 years and finally held the position of Chairperson. She has volunteered for the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, the Costanoan Research Institute and has supported other various American Indian organizations. She focused in Human Services as Program Manager, Case Manager and Site Manager in State and Native TANF programs. As a Program Manager, she implemented culturally specific programming for families, individuals and youth. She finds motivation and strength in the ability to advocate and support our community.

    Angel is very honored to come back to UCSC AIRC, and would like to utilize all available resources, community members, faculty, and staff to support and encourage all students. She is very excited for the Native American Opportunity Program and is looking forward to creating more opportunities, programming and ensuring Native visibility on campus.

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  • Graciela Sierra Moreno, Graduate Student Program Coordinator

  • No alternative textHello! My name is Graciela and I am from Dos Palos, a small town in the Central Valley! I am currently pursuing a PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz, after completing my MA in Literature at Fresno State. I love spending time with friends and family. My community, reading, and internet scrolling are very important to me.

  • Alex Galvan, Co-Lead AIRC Intern

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    My name is Alex, and I am Ohlone and Mexican American. As a Bay Area native and aspiring health care professional, I am passionate about addressing health inequities within California’s Indigenous and Latino communities and serving as an advocate for their members. By working with the AIRC, I hope to learn more about Native American culture and history while building community with my peers. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family and dog, play video games, listen to music, hike, and travel.

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  • Audrialice Evans, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHesci! (Hello!) My name is Audrialice Evans and I am a registered citizen of the Muskogee Nation. I grew up in Los Angeles and frequently visit my family on our reservation in Oklahoma. I enjoy photography, beading jewelry, and playing the viola in my spare time.
    The AIRC has always been a safe and welcoming community for me and I am excited to intern here to provide that for others as well.

  • Charlie Jimenez, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHey there! My name is Charlie, and I use he/him pronouns. I'm Blackfoot and Mexican-American, and I grew up primarily in Los Angeles, CA. I'm affiliated with Rachel Carson College and majoring in History of Arts and Visual Culture. My goal after graduation is to pursue a job outdoors, or to work with Indigenous arts. I love rabbits, the outdoors, hiking, coffee, reading, Native/Blackfoot history and arts and design. I feel it's important to hold this position at the AIRC to learn how to work better with other people, to get to know other Indigenous youth and college students, as well as make more relationships with more Indigenous folk and learn everything about my culture and heritage, all while having a fun time. 

  • Ezekiel Salazar, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHi! My name is Ezekiel Salazar (he/him) and I am Diné. I'm a fourth-year student majoring in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, Film & Digital Media, and minoring in Education. I'm proud to be co-chair for our campus's Student Alliance of Native Americans & Indigenous Peoples (SANAI) and to now be an intern at the AIRC to provide spaces for Native students to find their community. Outside of classes and organizations, I love writing screenplays and taking photos of friends or myself. Through these forms of art, I hope to provide more accurate representations of Indigenous communities and other historically underrepresented peoples in the media.

  • Lily Pregerson, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHi everyone, my name is Lily! I am Ojibwe and Ashkenazi Jewish. I grew up in San Diego, visiting my Indigenous relatives during the summers in the Gichigami (Lake Superior) area. I am majoring in biology and plan to minor in Spanish studies. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and become a doctor, serving and advocating for Native and Latinx communities, as there is substantial healthcare inequality. I love animals, being outdoors exploring and hiking, and creating art. I am excited and grateful to be working for the AIRC, and to continue learning and building community on campus!

  • Russell Gordon, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHello, I'm Russell, and I'm Muscogee Creek Euchee and Chicano from Menlo Park, CA. I'm currently a first-year student affiliated with Rachel Carson College, majoring in Film and Digital Media with a focus on Indigenous film history. I highly value community and enjoy spending time with family. In my free time, I can be found playing tennis, going to the recreational fitness center, or playing video games. I found the AIRC as an incoming student, which provided me with community and resources to be successful as an American Indian student. I now work at the AIRC in hopes of promoting the space to achieve the same sense of community and success for other American Indian students.

  • Aly King, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHey y’all! I’m Aly King, and I go by she/her pronouns! My heritage is a mix of Spanish, Welsh, German, and indigenous American as I am proudly a part of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone located in northern Nevada. After living in Arkansas for 8 years, I have bounced around the California’s Inland Empire for the last 11 years. Once I have obtained my degree in environmental studies, I want to use my knowledge to raise awareness and benefit communities affected by environmental injustices. As a member of the AIRC, I am hoping to build meaningful connections, engage in candid conversations, and empower others to amplify their voice. To fill my free time, you’ll find me journaling, solving logic puzzles, and embracing nature through hiking and exploration. I love to chat it up with everyone, so please feel free to contact me or say hi!

  • Shaya Robinson, AIRC Intern

  • No alternative textHello! My name is Shaya Robinson and I was born and raised in Eureka, CA. I am an enrolled member of the Bear River Tribe, and descent of Yurok, Wiyot, and Tolowa people. I am a first year here at UCSC majoring in psychology.  In my free time, I enjoy the views on campus, going to the beach, going to art markets, and watching sports. I'm excited to be on my new journey, working as an intern at AIRC to be more involved with the Indigenous community here and to build skills that last a lifetime.

  • Chris Mathura, PoCSC Lead Intern

  • No alternative textHi! My name is Chris I was born in Mexico but raised in Oakland. I identify as Mexican/Indo-Guyanese. As an intern at the PoCSC, I hope I can educate people on social environmental issues that affect people around the world and its connection to capitalism. I am a huge advocate for delicious home cooked meals. If I am not working I am almost always outdoors. I love making new friends so don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Jasmin Toledo, PoCSC Lead Intern

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    Jasmin Toledo is a fourth-year, first-gen student born and raised in Santa Paula, CA. Throughout her time at UCSC, she has worked with various resource centers and campus partners to create safe spaces that uplift historically marginalized identities. As an intern for the People of Color Sustainability Collective, she is excited to establish more inclusive programming that inspires all, especially women of color, to engage in environmentalist efforts. Moreover, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge through open dialogue and new partnerships. In her free time, she loves perfecting her Mexican family recipes and using her tech-savvy skills to create fun digital projects.

  • Amanda Moreno, PoCSC Intern

  • No alternative textHello! My name is Amanda Moreno (she/her), and I am a Chicana born and raised in the East Los Angeles area with roots in Puebla, Mexico. I’m a third year student here at UC Santa Cruz, and I’m currently double majoring in Latin American & Latino Studies as well as Environmental Studies. I am so excited to be a new intern with the People of Color Sustainability Collective, and I look forward to creating spaces where BIPOC students can find community and celebrate our unique connections to the land. That being said, I love working with kids, sitting and exploring in nature, Japanese food, and fruit!