Mission Statement

Our Logo

The AIRC's logo was created in collaboration with Native graphic designer Ray RiveraThe logo's design incorporates a circle which represents many things in Native cultures, most commonly the cyclical nature of life. The design also uses the four colors of the medicine wheel: red, white, yellow and black. 

Our Mission Statement

The AIRC is dedicated to supporting the needs of American Indian students and increasing Native visibility on campus by hosting student-centered programs, cultural events and providing tools for academic success and personal well-being. The center is a vital link between American Indian students, the University, and tribal communities that fosters growth through mentoring, leadership opportunities, and scholarly development. 

The AIRC's objectives are as follows:
  • To promote the value of a college education for American Indians.
  • To serve as a supportive space for students as they transition from home to campus life.
  • To center Indigenous knowledge and practices in our activities and help preserve the culture and heritage of American Indian students.
  • To serve as a liaison between Native communities and the University of California, Santa Cruz.


The AIRC is located on the third floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore building and is open daily from 9 am - 5 pm. The AIRC shares the space with the African American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC), the Chicanx Latinx Resource Center (El Centro), and the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center (AA/PIRC).