People of Color Sustainability Collective (PoCSC)

The mission of the People of Color Sustainability Collective is to make UCSC a leader not just in mainstream sustainability, but also environmental justice, in recognition of our changing demographics and pressing ecological challenges. PoCSC will accomplish this through:

  • Raising awareness about the contributions that people of color have made to the environmental sustainability movement in general and at UCSC in particular
  • Re-examining the definition and values of the sustainability movement to identify how it can be more inclusive of all underrepresented populations
  • Creating a critical dialogue about environmental justice through student discussion spaces, student of color caucuses, social media awareness campaigns, workshops, and speaker presentations

PoCSC represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the Ethnic Resource Centers, College Nine, John R. Lewis College, and the UCSC Sustainability Office, and we will continue to grow the coalition through outreach to departments, student organizations, and other units.  


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